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5 Ways Edtech Makes Educators’ Lives Easier

Educational technology provides a toolbox for teachers to use to help them manage their classrooms more easily, so that they can spend more time educating and inspiring. It can add digital components to a lecture or gamify lessons. Software for classroom management can help teachers monitor students and assist them in redirecting off-task students. Edtech doesn’t change how a teacher runs their classroom, but it can open up options that can help further enhance lesson plans and more.

Assist Your Lectures

In years gone by, lectures were just the teacher standing at the podium, speaking to students. There may have been an overhead projector to add visuals. Today, edtech helps teachers provide more streamlined and personalized engagement with students. Access to websites and an interactive whiteboard can spice up lectures, while 1:1 classrooms provide each student with a laptop or tablet. The best classroom management software allows for pushing the teacher’s screen to each device, ensuring the students can see the content and follow along.

Personalize Learning

Creating a lesson that enables every student to learn the lesson in their own way can be difficult. Edtech, however, makes personalized learning a reality. Not only are programs able to give instant feedback, but they can change future lessons to help a student understand a concept. Writing software might provide feedback on grammar and structure, freeing up time for the teacher to better evaluate style and reasoning, creating more valuable feedback for the students. Classroom management software allows a teacher to see which students may need more engagement by keeping an eye on their progress in real-time.

Host Guest Speakers

Guest speakers can help students not just in comprehension but in understanding how the material applies in the real world. The problem was that guest speakers not only had to carve out time to speak but also to travel to the school. This was often a major limiting factor, especially for rural schools. Fortunately with edtech, the guest speaker does not have to be in the same room, state, or even continent, as the class. All they need is an internet connection that can support video chat, and suddenly astronauts in the International Space Station or scientists in the Artic are accessible.

Record Video Lessons

A 1:1 classroom using edtech means a teacher can have a blended classroom. Part of the studying is in the classroom, while the other part is at home using the laptop or tablet. Teachers can record lessons and lectures on video for students to view at their own pace, starting, stopping, and rewinding the lecture as needed to ensure understanding.

Foster Collaboration

Collaboration is easier with edtech. Students can perform group projects and create multimedia presentations together. Collaboration can be done in the classroom or at home. When it comes time to present, classroom management tools, like Netop’s Vision software, lets the teacher push a student’s screen to the entire classroom. This makes sharing the presentation with the rest of the class simple and can boost student engagement.

About Netop

Netop has been developing market-leading education software solutions for more than 30 years. They connect educators and businesses to computers and smart devices using innovative remote access, screen-sharing, and video chat technologies. Their suite of tools includes Vision for Chromebooks and the Office 365-compatible Vision 365 for Windows. Vision software for classroom management connects more than 6 million teachers and students worldwide. Educators can use Vision to monitor students’ screens, enabling them to check progress and redirect attention back to the lesson as needed. Using Vision, teachers gain a tool to encourage student engagement, help improve performance, and save time in the classroom.

Learn more about Netop’s Vision classroom management software at Netop.com

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