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4 Benefits of Using 1:1 Devices in the Classroom

The traditional computer lab at schools is often being replaced by one-to-one (1:1) technology, in which a tablet or laptop is issued to each student for their use throughout the year. This technology is changing how teachers run a class: It allows educators to make use of classroom management software to keep students on task and support a lesson, and allows students to connect with experts worldwide.


Increased Participation

Students are encouraged to participate with access to their device during the entire day. Visual material accompanying the lesson can be pushed to each device. Instead of passive learning from the back of the room, they become immersed in the exercise, enabling better collaboration with classmates. Using classroom management software, teachers can redirect students back to the discussion or assignment to foster participation.

Some of the best classroom management software, such as Vision from Netop, enables educators to carry out a great number of tasks. Using Vision, teachers can send a message to an individual device, which can help discretely nudge a student back on track. Freezing all of the students’ screens serves to focus the entire class on the teacher. Plus, a whitelist of URLs can provide students with only the approved classroom websites, giving them no chance to go off task by browsing the internet. Additionally, sharing a student’s presentation with the rest of the class makes focusing on the speaker easier, building confidence in the speaker and increasing their public speaking skills.

Personalized Learning

With 1:1 technology, each student has a device, and each student can work at their own pace. This, in turn, increases their engagement. The best software for classroom management allows teachers to push URLs to either the entire class or individual students, guiding students who need more help in the classroom. It also allows teachers to fine-tune learning according to a student’s needs, giving some extra work and others additional support.

More Learning Opportunities

Using 1:1 technology removes the walls of the classroom. Students can learn wherever they have access to Wi-Fi and can connect with other students and subject experts from around the world. If they are learning about a specific scientific topic, they can have a video conference with a scientist in the field. Rural communities can now connect to a topic expert as easily as a school in the center of a major city. Some classroom management software allows the teacher to share a student’s screen to the rest of the class. If a student finds something interesting, the teacher can easily share the information with the rest of the class.

Connecting to the Next Generation

Gen Z is considered the first generation of digital natives. They are entirely at ease with technology growing up with laptops, smart phones, and tablets all around them. Students will quickly adjust to using 1:1 technology in a learning environment and will appreciate being able to use technology to further their education.

About Netop

Since 1981, Netop has been developing market-leading education software solutions. Their remote access, screen-sharing, and video chat technologies connect educators and businesses to computers and smart devices. The easy-to-use Vision for Chromebooks and the Office 365-compatible Vision 365 for Windows are the go-to software for classroom management. With Vision, educators can monitor screens in their classrooms, redirecting attention back to the lesson as needed. Vison helps teachers encourage better student engagement and improved performance, while saving time in the classroom. Available in 13 languages, the platform connects more than 6 million teachers and students worldwide.

To learn more about Netop’s Vision classroom management software, visit Netop.com

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