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Addressing the Misconceptions and Concerns Surrounding Edtech in the Classroom

Edtech, both in the form of software for classroom management for teachers and other programs more geared toward student use, are now a part of most (if not all) schools in one capacity or another. And it’s unavoidable that people might have concerns. While edtech programs are widely considered successful features of the modern classroom that improve teaching and learning, doubts might still linger. There are several common reservations that show up in virtually all discussions of edtech’s pros and cons. Here are some common misconceptions about edtech and the truths that will negate most concerns and myths.


Misconception #1: Technology Can Distract Students

Students can sometimes be pretty easily distracted. One concern is that edtech will prove to be just one more distraction. The fact is, classroom management edtech is actually a terrific tool for removing distractions. Some of the best classroom management software, such as Vison from Netop for instance, actually helps teachers encourage collaboration and better keep the classroom focused and on track. Vision does this by empowering teachers with the ability to push a URL to the whole class, freeze screens when necessary, filter websites and social media, and see what every student is doing.

Misconception #2: Edtech Reduces Social Interaction

Another concern is that kids’ immersion in technology has a detrimental effect on their social lives. The line of thinking is that the regular use of tech means they’re engaging in less human interaction (particularly face-to-face), which may stunt the development of healthy social skills. But once again, edtech often has the opposite effect. The ability of a teacher to share a student’s screen with an interactive classroom management program, for instance, can contribute to lesson-based socializing. Not to mention, with or without technology, mid-lesson has never been a time when students socializing or engaging in discussions outside of the scope of the work was encouraged. With an effective classroom management software, educators can also share the approved websites with the classroom, which can contribute to much less time wasted on social media and chat apps.

Misconception #3: Teachers Will Be Replaced by Technology


Teachers’ jobs are far too immersive, complex, emotional, and intuitive to be replaced by technology. Meeting the needs of students individually is a skill only real teachers possess, and while a classroom management edtech program can absolutely benefit that relationship, it won’t be replacing it. Meeting the needs of a room full of varied, diverse students requires far more nuance than any technology can approach on its own. On the contrary, edtech tools can help make teachers’ lives easier by empowering them with the ability to monitor student learning in real-time and address any issues as they arise.


Misconception #4: Edtech Will Be Difficult to Use

One of the big concerns is that edtech programs and tools in the classroom will become yet another tedious thing that teachers have to learn how to use and troubleshoot. Well, for some edtech programs, that might be true. However, by researching and choosing edtech software that’s made to be intuitive and easy to use, the whole classroom can benefit. Vision, the classroom management software by Netop, for instance, is simple to install and made to be very easy for educators to use as well. That means that the edtech software will actually be utilized and students and teachers alike will benefit. The best edtech software allows educators to be fully focused on the classroom while being backed and supported by useful technology, made to help encourage collaboration and increase student involvement. When you select the right edtech tools, students, teachers, and schools succeed—and that’s no myth.

About Netop

For more than 30 years, Netop has developed proprietary software innovations for both educators and businesses. Their suite of software tools, optimized for ease of use and practical results, includes Vision classroom management software. Vision allows educators to see all screens in their classroom in order to monitor progress, optimize devices to drive productivity and results, and limit student distractions. Netop also recently released Vision 365, an Office 365-compatible version of the system featuring all of the same elements its users love, now Windows-integrated. Netop’s Vision for Chromebooks and Vision 365 are the standard for easy-to-use, effective classroom management software solutions.

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