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How Classroom Management Software Can Help Break Students’ Bad Habits

Getting students to pay attention in the classroom is an age-old dilemma. However, it’s even more pronounced in our digital age because it’s just so easy for kids to get distracted. Fortunately, when teachers are well-equipped, this can help them carry out the responsibility of keeping their classrooms on task and aid students in breaking education-hindering habits.

The beauty of the digital age is there are classroom management tools available that can help teachers keep students on track and engaged with the lesson plan by monitoring their progress. These tools can also allow teachers to assist and further guide students when needed so they get the most out of their classroom time.

With the installation of classroom management software on computers, teachers are given the tools necessary to help their students break any habits that are detrimental to their learning experience. Effective classroom management software can give teachers insight into how students are spending their time in the classroom so they can redirect their attention as needed and enhance their educational experience. Teachers can help students concentrate on the task at hand and develop better time management skills while also ensuring they’re not distracted by chatting with friends online or scrolling through social media. It can even prevent cheating.

Let’s look at how classroom management software can encourage teachers to help their students kick bad habits and develop new behaviors:

Prevents Cheating

Whether it’s a final exam or a pop quiz, educators can create an environment where it’s not possible to cheat by Googling answers or browsing other websites. By utilizing a classroom monitoring tool that provides a complete view of all screen activity, teachers can make sure that no one is where they shouldn’t be.

The best software for classroom management should also be able to restrict web access to only one or several sites for testing and block everything else. If a student attempts to go to an unapproved website, they will be redirected back to the approved list, helping them stay focused on the task at hand.

Discourages Multitasking

Psychologist Daniel Goleman has said that the ability to concentrate is the most crucial predictor of success, even going as far as to say this ability to focus is “more important than IQ or the socioeconomic status of the family you grew up in for determining career success, financial success, and health.”

The point is, teachers have the capability with classroom management software to redirect focus to the task at hand. When students don’t have the option to get on social media or go online to play distracting games, it helps them focus fully on the assignment or lesson plan. Tools like this make it easier to improve individual and classroom behavior and performance. It gives teachers a helping hand to help keep everyone on track and helps students nurture the ability to concentrate.

Teaching Self-Management

At some point in life, everyone has to figure out what their limits are when it comes to distractions. Our devices aren’t going away, so it’s up to each of us to know when to put the phone down or close tabs on our computers.

Within a classroom setting, teachers have the tools they need to encourage students to manage their time wisely–skills that kids hopefully will use outside of the classroom. Managing a classroom often involves reclaiming instruction time and refocusing student attention. With intuitive classroom management software, teachers can focus on helping students who may be struggling and hopefully boost student achievement by keeping them engaged. They can also see if someone is distracted by social media or cheating on a test.Effective management software not only helps educators manage their classrooms, but it also helps them empower individual students to stay focused and grow as learners.

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